What's in your medicine basket_ Playing with ideas, colors and shapes for a class offering

What's in your medicine basket?
A healing class where you discover what gifts you have and what you carry as your own medicine.
Explore who you are and what you want to be as a woman on her journey to empowering herself. Learn to claim your authentic self and manifest desires with paint and mixed media, using word, symbol and image guided by Kelly. $65



Create these personal cards with message and image as reminders to live from the soul. Are you living a life of abundance? From a place of creativity? From divinity? Are you actively bringing in that which can light you up? Students create 8 - 10 cards and embellish with yarns, glitter and sequins. $65



Balance & Release
This is a healing meditation where Kelly guides you to clear and heal the 7 chakras (energy centers) of the body. Each one represents different energy and how we look at ourselves and the world. Are you stressed out and tired? Balance and release all that does not serve you! To reinforce this clearing, Kelly creates a watercolor painting with you in the 7 energy colors, explaining how these systems work while you experiment with gorgeous watercolors. $65



Diva X
A super powerful experience for women who need a reset on how they look at the female body! Start to love all the places where you may feel pain, shame and denial or low self esteem and start seeing the feminine as a divine being! Using Intentional Creativity, women are led along a beautiful journey to reconnect to their beautiful selves, writing and painting the female form, embellishing her with symbol and design, cherishing her and healing the pain. $85



Assemble a mandala
Use herbs, crystals and flowers to create your own beautiful mandala. As you create, you will be writing in your journal about your connection to nature and other inquiries related to your design. When we listen from within we hear thoughts from our soul, we gain knowledge and insight. Along with this process students paint the design in their journals and take photos of the mandala. $65



Love Symbol Painting
Allow pure love in! Decide to live from this place of love and light. Paint your love symbol using the lotus medicine as your guide, leading you to peace and joy from the center of your heart. A guided meditation and painting process will leave you loved and refreshed. $65