Deep recovery from abuse, addiction and trauma

I’ve been developing and teaching creative classes for 30 years. I guide and encourage you along as you uncover your creative essence. As we paint, we as questions, inquire about “what is coming up” and let the brush fly... the answers come as whispers and sometimes as song or words. As you paint, you gain your own inner knowledge. We ask with intention and listen with gratitude, this is the process of Intentional Creativity for which I am certified to teach. It is a wildly wonderful way to create a painting because you are in a flow, you use your intuition vs using your logical brain and so the process is free and liberating! You choose color, patterns and symbols that come up in the session, you layer and include what’s important... with many Ah-ha moments, laughter and at times tears of joy. What can be uncovered can be understood and used to move you forward on your path. Your finished piece has love and deep meaning to you with beautiful colors and images.

I bring all needed supplies and a kind heart to your facility! I require a minimum of 4 students to book an appointment, contact me to get on the calendar.

For more info about the Intentional Creativity process go here

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