Red Thread Women's Wisdom Circle

"I look forward to this and value the time tremendously..."
"I so enjoyed tonight's group, it felt great to reconnect again"
-Mary P.
"I loved gathering in the park! It was so relaxing to talk and paint with watercolors with everyone, thanks so much Kelly"  Jean
"That was a great event, my whole head had a turn was powerful." _Barb P.
"So nice to get together. It was wonderful and welcoming. Thanks Kelly!" -Charysse

Do you enjoy connecting with other like-minded women?  Are you longing for sisterhood in a nurturing and non-judgemental environment where you can laugh but also be a witness for others?


Our circle gathers on the last Tuesday of the month from 6:00 - 7:30. Currently, we are meeting via Zoom with a link provided on our private Red Thread Women's Wisdom Facebook page. Click here to join!


As a Red Thread Facilitator, I provide a general theme for each gathering. 

Some of those we cover are: Being enough, releasing the past, bringing joy into your soul, navigating through fear, calling in love to your life, finding your passions, supporting other women, seasonal changes, building self esteem, and many more! We write in our journals, uncover what needs healing and create an art project to support the process. It's fun! It's time just for you! Create something for you!

Note: Some gatherings will be held at Four Wings Wellness located at Southeast corner on 3rd Floor of Cedar Creek Settlement. N70 W6340 Bridge Rd Unit 304 Cedarburg, WI 53012


*a donation of $10 is greatly appreciated


Here is a nurturing place, where you are significant
Where your insight is needed and appreciated
A place where your life experiences can be told
Where your voice can be heard, where you can be witnessed
You are here, right where you need to be
You are not required to do anything, just to be
The women on either side of you and around this circle
Are your support system

We Welcome each other to this gathering with open arms
We are here for a reason but may not know why just yet
The legend of the red thread states that an invisible red thread
Connects those who are destined to meet
Regardless of time, place, or circumstances
The Thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break

Know that the connection women have is deeper than the physical
At times you may feel the need to tug on the red thread for
Extra support, guidance, prayers, or to be witnessed
And you may also share celebrations, breakthroughs and Ah Ha
Moments you experience as well!