​Due to COVID-19 I will only be offering adult classes in-person or online via Zoom platform.

If you see a class on my site that you'd like to take privately in your home or mine, contact me here!

I am hoping the near future will bring better health and a new studio space in the Ozaukee area where I can once again offer

exciting in-person group art classes and Birthday parties for kids!


Balance & Release Watercolor + Meditation

Feeling anxious and out of sorts? These are signs of blocked areas within the energy systems and can lead to depression and illness

In this class, you will be guided into a beautiful meditation where you will release all that is not serving you and balance each area with loving energy.

To further this healing, participants will have fun exploring the colors of the chakras, creating an abstract, swirling watercolor painting with energetic lines and dots, using the Intentional Creativity method.

Supply list will be sent to you!

Zoom class meets:



Part 1

Love Birds Abstract Journal Cover

Make a fresh art journal cover using painting, printing and collage techniques! This cover will be placed over a composition notebook and secured inside to create your journal.

This class meets 2 evenings!

Supply list will be sent to you!

Zoom Class meets:


Part 2

Journal Creation

3 full Spreads!

Create a grounding page spread, a pocket spread and a secret page spread in your art journal using templates I provide with fun art techniques.

Zoom Class meets:

Both Classes $30


Gold Leaf Abstract Colorful Canvas

Luscious gold leaf breaks through drips of gorgeous color and shape on stretched canvas! You pick the colors, or, use the ones I use. I will demo how to get these effects and how to flake the gold leaf.

Supply list will be sent to you!

Zoom Class meets:


Unicorn Potion Jars

An inviting activity to create your own magic in a jar!

What colors will your potion be? What magic will be forming?

One by one, "treasures" will be added to their potion. Small beads, glitter, bits of color, unicorns, colored sand, stars, all making the potion stronger, more magical. We will create our own magical potion label for the jar too! A process based activity to promote active imagination, following directions, sharing, patience and listening!

Ages 6 and up
Date to be decided.

Fabulous Faux Family Photo

Got 3 or 4 black and white family photos? That's all you need to create "faux" and embellished photos using clear plexi frames and chalk markers. The photos take on an adorable heart felt look as kids color in areas, create patterns and make silly additions to the pics. Place your masterpiece in the bedroom or on the mantle for everyone to see how unique your family truly is!

Promotes empathy, caring, sharing, color and pattern placement. 


Ages 6 and up
Meets TBD

Magic Wands

What kid doesn't love a magic wand? Poof! I'm instantly invisible! These wands encourage outdoor play, interaction with others, gross and fine motor skills and most of all PLAY! Each child will use a variety of delectable materials to create magic and imagination making their unique wand.

Ages 6 and Up
Date to be announced


Washi Tape Watercolor Canvas

Kids love Washi tape! It is brightly colored, easy to tear and wonderful to experiment with. In this class we will work on unique compositions by ripping pieces of tape and placing colors and patterns in an interesting way. Liquid watercolors will be introduced as another element in this process-based art class.

Ages 6 and Up
Class date to be announced!

Salty Underwater Sea World

It's puffy, it's colorful, it's strange but beautiful! This class is all about making organic shapes under the sea and developing a watery world with salt, glue and watercolor droppers. This class promotes fine motor skills, active imagination and FUN!

Ages 6 and Up
Class date to be decided.

Colorful Watercolor Mandala Resist

Kids explore pattern, shape and colors to make a nature inspired mandala using oil pastels, cooking oil, and inks. We will discuss what a mandala is and how this creative painting can bring calm and happiness to us by using repetitive mark making and design.

This activity explores active imagination, color theory, pattern placement.

Ages 6 and up

Meets TBD

Tiny Makers Art Classes

Four art and explore classes for children ages 3 - 5 with adult.

These classes are process based, meaning we focus on the experience, rather than the outcome, though each student comes home with art work they feel very proud of. There is an emphasis on interesting and engaging materials using sensory tubs that encourage play and discovery.


Friday's 10:45 - 11:30

Class dates to be announced

SoulFlower Essence Painting

You may have seen this piece in my studio, I created her last year and love how she turned out, and now I want to offer you a chance to paint your own SoulFlower Essence! We will be using the Intentional Creativity Method to tap into our creativity and discover what flower medicine is helpful to us. Mine here was sunflower which was a reminder to me to be confident and radiant and stand tall! What will yours be? You will also be able to chose from my SoulFlower cards as a guide during this process. Spring is a great time to reset ourselves and move forward with claiming who we are and where we are going. I will guide you on this process with layout, color theory and composition. We will practice making marks to easily create her face and neck so you are confident in painting her. You need not have any painting experience just an open mind to the process of uncovering what is within you! We will be painting on a long canvas.

ALL materials included




Adult Painting, drawing or mixed media 4 Classes

These classes are beginner level, you want to create for fun, need some coaxing and are open to the journey to discover. The perfectionist may decide to come to class, but will quickly leave when it sees you are creating with JOY. You will learn techniques in letting go and trusting the process. You will find what lights you up, what excites you in creating. You will learn many techniques and tips in your media of choice such as composition, structure, hue, foreground/midground/background, color choices, tools and demos.

Session 2 Tuesdays TBD DAYS 12:00 - 2:00pm


​ALL Materials Included


Outdoor Botanical Wellness Journal

Nature is our inner healer, she soothes us with beauty and energy, allowing mind, body and soul to heal and renew. Walk in nature, observe plants and insects in their habitat and sunlight reflecting through leaves and flowers. Take photos of interesting textures and colors found only in nature. When we "micro observe" our surroundings, we begin to see we are all connected, and tiny miracles are happening all around us!


Using the Intentional Creativity method, you will reflect on what personal information is evident through nature for you at this time. With this revelation, you will sketch and watercolor interesting botanical plants, birds, color schemes, etc. that are found around you. Your journal will be unique to you, with your focus being on the process of creating the beauty rather than the end result. You may want to include inspiring words, poetry, observations and revelations! This is a very freeing way to allow yourself to create without listening to our negative inner critic. As always, I will lead you through class and demo ideas along with inquiry.


Students will need to bring:

-8x10 or larger mixed media journal

-Phone or camera to take pictures

-Blanket or cushion if needed

-Bottle of water for cleaning brushes

(I will supply all other supplies)


We will be meeting at Tendick Nature Park in Saukville

Classes meet:

​Fall 2020 Dates to be announced

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