WELCOME! I'm Kelly

I'm a painter, teacher, dreamer, and healer with paint.

I believe that in each one of us are seeds of creativity waiting to be discovered.

It is crucial to our well-being and is often forgotten and ignored.  As children

we express freely, we dance, paint, play a musical instrument and more-

all acceptable because we are young.

But then what happens?

We grow up and lose the connection with ourselves, we take on too much, we

get tired, lose our luster...we get dull and lost in the duty of life.


Let's Explore

For three decades I've been combining my love of art and teaching together to guide individuals in discovering their inner joy, their soul's calling. It's time to feel and express freely again, it's time to heal. It's time to explore on canvas and get messy. It's time to break the rules together.

Me and my daughter Kendra


I am a classically trained artist and a graduate of the prestigious Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. For 30+ years

I have had the opportunity to develop and teach my own fine art curriculum to children and adults at art galleries, counseling facilities, in client homes and now at my art studio "ArtHouse" in Saukville, WI.  My classes are nurturing, fun and rely on techniques that go back to my years at MIAD. I also mix in a great deal of love, patience and laughter!


Creative Coaching

At a crossroads?

Are you ready for your next step, but not quite sure what that is?

Imagine being listened to without judgement, witnessed as you are, and given tools to effect changes you desire, at your own pace. Are you ready to begin? I offer Creativity coaching sessions that are individually tailored to support your path.

Contact me to schedule your free 1/2 hour consultation!


What is Intentional Creativity?​

I am one of two Intentional Creativity Teachers in the state of Wisconsin offering

healing classes to the public. Intentional Creativity is a process that

combines right brain/left brain expression with intention to support growth

and healing of past wounds and creative blocks. Clients explore their creative

essence, listening deeply to that essence through guided visualization and

expressing on the canvas what wants to be revealed with paint.  With the IC

process, individuals heal and transform themselves. We use acrylic, watercolor

paint and other materials on canvas or paper, inspired by guided meditations, writing, music, chocolate and sparkle!

You'll discover your own symbols and keys, to make each project a template for healing and inspiration.

For more information about Intentional Creativity, go to the MUSEA website here

Red Thread Women's Circle
Do you enjoy connecting with other like-minded women?  Are you longing for

sisterhood in a nurturing and non-judgemental environment where you can

laugh but also be a witness for others?


Here is a nurturing place, where you are significant
Where your insight is needed and appreciated
A place where your life experiences can be told
Where your voice can be heard, where you can be witnessed
You are here, right where you need to be
You are not required to do anything, just to be
The women on either side of you and around this circle
Are your support system

We Welcome each other to this gathering with open arms
We are here for a reason but may not know why just yet
The legend of the red thread states that an invisible red thread
Connects those who are destined to meet
Regardless of time, place, or circumstances
The Thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break

Know that the connection women have is deeper than the physical
At times you may feel the need to tug on the red thread for
Extra support, guidance, prayers, or to be witnessed
And you may also share celebrations, breakthroughs and Ah Ha
Moments you experience as well


This is a powerful time of sharing, laughing, moving stuck energy, opening the heart to healing, and learning from one another! I provide coffee, herbal teas and chocolate at each circle, however, you may share an offering or snack at anytime if you feel called! Gatherings are held in my studio or my home on the last Tuesday evening of the month from 6:00 - 8:00pm. If you feel a tug on your heart to be part of this connection or have questions about the Red Thread please click the button below!



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